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Logical Moderator Solution

Logical Moderator Solution


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Logical Moderators Solutions (LMS) is an outsourcing company with our head office located in Suriname, South America. Our company consists of over 500 employees including competent chat-operators, who are fully equipped and have knowledge of Microsoft Office. We have seven skilled Office Managers who provide the necessary training and monitoring of all these employees, regularly keeping an eye out on their performance and make improvements where possible.

We have been providing outsourcing services to overseas companies for 7 years straight and still we continue to grow and learn on a daily basis, therefore we consider ourselves a successful company. At this moment though, we would like to expand our working boundaries by kindly applying for a partnership with your company. Data entry and email answering services on a large scale are just a few of the things we can offer you. Services like these will take some of your workload, so you can spend more time on your core-business and other the things that matter to you most. We can also provide you with webcam models.